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.: What is the concept of MM? :.

We don't have any concept, no message to deliver. We are not NS, pagan, satanist or anyother shit like that. we have no particular beliefs and no message to spread. We play music for us and those who think they can understand what we do, not to impose pseudo-morals like a lot of bands... Our texts are about nihilism, depression, discomfort, suicide.

.: Why have you named your band MALLEUS MALEFICARUM? :.

The MALLEUS MALEFICARUM is a book published for the first time in 1486 and written by Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger. It's a concentrated of all what christianity hate and is afraid of. It speaks about all the tortures inflicted to witches and heretics. It show also the vision of the inquisition about the world at this time. We were attracted by all these fields when we search a name, so we decided to call us MALLEUS MALEFICARUM.

.: You played deathrash-metal before black-metal. Why this changement? It's to follow the trend? :.

We played indeed Black/trash in the past. Our music became more fast, extreme, dark and brutal. It's naturally we turn into black metal. It's not to follow a trend or something like that. That corresponds more to our state of mind.

.: Are you Nazi (National-Socialist) and what do you think about the NSBM scene? :.

No. WE ARE NOT NS. MM is not a political band and even in life, we don't have NS ideologies. National Socialism is like all these pitiful religions. People don't want to realize their weakness and hide themselves behind ideologies already build and doesn't try to think. A big part of NS doesn't have personnality and these people are just fucking cheaps. The national socialism glorifie a part of humanity and lets think that a certain kind of humans is better than others. That's not our opinion. However about the music they play, some of them, succeed to do good releases like KristallNacht for exemple.

.: What do you think about french BM scene? :.

We don't care about the french scene. We have few contacts with some bands but don't want to take part in a scene where everybody is "forced" to think like the others only to say "we are THE french scene, we went together to gig , wearing our patched leather jacket and are black-metal'brother", FUCK YOU. Like in other countries, we have a lot of band in france, however there is excellent bands which succeed to combine perfectly good mentality and extreme music like Annthennath, Sael,Blacklodge, ...

.: What do you think about religions? :.

I think it's to don't face reality. People are affraid by life, by death, and search something to help them to live and answer to all the questions they ask themselves. All the religions based on one or more gods are unfounded. It is also true for satanism and all popular currents of thoughts.

.: What about your texts? :.

All the texts on 'Des bibles, des hymnes, des ic?nes...' was written by Tamas. Globally there are various subjects like the melancholie, the death, the evil-being, the depression and the suicide but some titles are a little bit different like 'La Chambre Des Souillures' and speak about torture or deviant sexuality. There won't be available throught this website or elsewhere. There are not available in the album (both version). For many reasons (mainly due to the law..). Also, Tamas has written all text of "Nothing left to fight for". AND STOP EMAIL US TO ASK THE TEXT, JUST LISTEN.

.: What do you think about drugs and alcohol abuse? :.

We are not against that and we recommend to all to let tempt! It is a good way to self-destruction and that can be an alternative to the suicide. We are not of those who laud a perfect hygiene of life. "Enjoy" and take drugs.

.: Malleus Maleficarum in live? :.

We have played several times in live with band like Belenos, nuit noire, fornication, gronibard, nehemah or blodsrit. Generally we try to emphasize out hate and bring a new dimension to our songs. By the past, it wasn't a priority to made concert but our music is now more powerfull and has more impact in live. We are so open to all proposition af concerts...